A Brief introduction
Here at Synamatic, we believe that you should enjoy the small things in life. We take great pleasure in the simplistic aspects of both day to day living, and throughout our work. As a result, we strive to produce the highest quality content for our clients, as well as for our own personal satisfaction - you can’t tell me that taking off your shoes after a hard day is not one of the greatest pleasures in life.

As an introduction to our company, and to ourselves as real human beings, we want to say; hey! We’re Matt and Tom and we run Synamatic.co. Yes, that’s right, we’re a two man group and you know what they say: “Two makes a company, three makes a crowd!”.

Synamatic.co is a South Wales based organisation that specialises in cinema-grade film and photography work. The content we produce can cover a vast range of media. That includes digital marketing and social media coverage for businesses. Don’t worry if that seems very limited, we can do a whole lot of other stuff too! Please feel free to look at our on-going and ever expanding portfolio - don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have or ideas you want to discuss - our inbox is always open and checked everyday.

Stay yourself & keep it simple.



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Matt is the Creative Director & Lead Filmmaker of Synamatic.co. While some may think that this could be an entire job by itself, he also takes centre stage when it comes to filming creative content for our clients. Matt comes from a background of Graphic Design and Photography (which are both great building blocks to any digital/ marketing business), previously having co-run an online business that grew to over a million followers on Instagram, he now focuses on growing his own production company with his best friend and colleague Tom.



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“As Content Producer for Synamatic.co, my role in the company focuses heavily on pre-production and post-production content. I am the person who answers emails, reaches out to clients and organises everything prior to the production day!”

On the quieter days of the company, Tom facilitates and runs Behind the Lens (BTL). BTL is a journal style blog that follows up from previous shoots, experiments with new shooting styles and also explores the pros and cons of new products. This is a behind the scenes page for the company, and an area where we can share our excitement with aspects of a typical production day.

With a background in teaching, Toms professional and charismatic outlook enables the communications between clients and Synamatic.co to be of the highest standard.


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